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 Report Rules - >>READ FIRST<<

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PostSubject: Report Rules - >>READ FIRST<<   Sun Jan 20, 2008 5:38 pm

1. Just post one time, dont make several posts on one problem. If wont help.

2. We only can do something if you have Proofs. That means Screenshot.

3. Post here about heave insult, extreme KS, deathlure etc. Not about things like "He ksed me 2 times" or "I destroyed my weapon while making it Imperial". We have better things to do than just watching everyone all the time, this thread is just for heavy problems.

4. If we do something is Our decision. You have to accept it and we are deciding fair. Noone is favored.

5. We cant do anything if:
-We have no Proofs
-We cant exactly see what happens
-You provocated the other one
-You Insulted the other party too (for example)

6. There are different kinds of Insults. Things like Noob, or FU are not that hard. Ignore that and play the Game.
Things like "I Raped your mother twice" (Don't tell who said that, but it happened) are hard insults and we will do something is cases like that.

7. If we block somebody for insults first time he gets his Account back after 24h. If it happens again and again he will be blocked permanently.

8. Try to clear the problem on your own first before asking a GM or posting here first please.
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Report Rules - >>READ FIRST<<
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