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PostSubject: Server Info   Fri Jan 11, 2008 12:27 am

Here some Info about the Server with explainations.

Exp = 25x
Drop = Custom
EggExp = 20x
Mix Chance = 10x from Hanin

Edited Vladi's Server Files with KalmaX files and added more stuff

Castle War Register: Friday 18:00 (German Time [GMT +1])
Castle War: Sunday 18:00 (German Time [GMT +1])
Look on homepage for the current Time in Germany.

Double Event/Egg Event:
Friday: 20:00
Saturday: 20:00
Sunday: 20:00 (after Restart to put RBs back in after CW)

Custom Areas:
Death Valley
Teleporter in: TempFort
Kingdom of Demons
Teleporter in: Pub of Giant Bird
Battle Island
Teleporter in: Narootuh
Island of Sky
Teleporter in: Narootuh

Custom Stuff:
G60 Accessories
G60/G62 Darkness and Light Armor/Weapons
They are equal, just different look
Int-Servers' new G65 Weapons

Selfmade Bead of Fire system
KalCash Merchant
Buff Merchant
Merchants for all Quests in TempFort
Bead of Fire Drops by different Bosses
Level 70 Quest for G60 Accessories, higher Skills, Buff Merchant
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Server Info
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