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PostSubject: FAQ   Fri Jan 11, 2008 12:47 am

Here some known Questions and the answers.

Can any GM give me Items or Help me lvling?
Simple: No!

What are the Rates of the Server?
Read here:

Does this Server work on Windows Vista?
Yes, on Windows Vista 32Bit Version.

What i need to download to be able to play on your server?
If you have no KalOnline Client download the Full Patch from Download Section. If you have one donwload one of the Client Patches and extract it in the KalOnline Folder.
Don't Update the Client with KalOnline.exe - just start the Ghost.exe

I can't login on your Server
Maybe it was an updated KalOnline Client or wrong .exe started. Get a clean, not updated, Client and put the Patch again in and start the Ghost.exe to start the auto Updater and the Game.

I get expelled every time i log in
same as before

Even after Reinstall i get expelled after login
Download the latest patch from here:
and follow the instructions in the README

Can i be GM?

Is there a starter Npc?
Yes. Click on the "Starter Board" or the "Welcome Ghost" in Narootuh. Click on one of the links and it will take your G1 Weapon out and give you some stuff. (it does not matter which link you klick)

Is there an EE Speed-Med?
No. But mages are able to Skill Speed higher. From Level 45-47 to G6, From 70-72 till G9.

Is the Droprate low?
Just till Ghosts. After that (Masks and higher) the whole Droprate is Selfmade and you get more money and better Stuff.

Where can i get Elemental Stones?
They drop in many Areas. Stone of Demon Blood and Mystery are sold at Merchant.

My Stuff is disappeared after log out, what can i do?
That happens sometimes when your Inventory is too full.
So: Clean your Inventory (put stuff in storage or sell some stuff) and relog after that. All your Stuff should be back then.

I cant open shop, why?
Take mixed weapon and high-grade Accessories out, then it works.

Can my GuildTime can be resetted?
No. Because all people want it if we do that one time we decided not to reset it any longer.[color]

Can i change my Password?
[color=red]We dont have a working PW-Change skript at the Moment but: you can ask an Admin to change your ID - it is nearly the same.

Where can i find which Items?
Look here:

Why is the Droprate for G55/G59 so low?
This is to keep the fun. G60 is available on high Level (you need many 70+ Players to get it) so it is boringif you have full G55 on Level 55. You can wear G60 just on level 66+ at all.

Kal says my Guild Time is over but i cant join a guild. Why?
Because we have a changed Time on the Root-Server, so the Kal-Time is changed too. Add ~23 Hours on the Kal-Time and you know the correct Time.

Where can i get G60?
They are dropped by "Lord of Darkness, Wotan" and "Lord of Light, Thor". Teleporters to them are in TempFort, but they are really hard.

Where can i get G65 Weapons?
They are dropped by "Supreme Lord, Saruzmi" - Teleporter is in Island of Sky

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PostSubject: Re: FAQ   Fri Jan 11, 2008 2:23 am

1) Gratz for a cool forum
2) Gratz for better organization
3) Gratz for better explanation

Keep up the good work

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PostSubject: Re: FAQ   Fri Jan 11, 2008 3:17 pm

Thanks ^^ will try my best
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PostSubject: Re: FAQ   

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